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From The Historical Jesus to the Cosmic Christ A Paradigm Shift of Consciousness

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W9781641916691 From The Historical Jesus to the Cosmic Christ A Paradigm Shift of Consciousness

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Reverend Potter holds that there is a great esoteric knowledge hidden in the Christian Gospel in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ about the evolution of the human race and its ultimate goal. This esoteric knowledge is also found in ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, India, Greece, and Rome. Here can be found the belief of a pre-existent archetypal Cosmic Christ or God-Person. Jesus, being a recipient of this knowledge, achieved in his lifetime for humanity a "New state of being," a "New humanity," to which we are all heirs. Teilard de Chardin referred to this new state of being as Christ's "third nature," meaning that his human and divine natures transcended into a third realm that is neither human nor divine but cosmic. Chardin refers to this process of transformation as the Christification (Divinization) of humanity. Reverend Potter believes that the ultimate goal of humanity is to birth this "Cosmic Christ" or God-Person, this Kingdom of God within all, as Jesus refers to it. This Cosmic birth is a shift from terrestrial life to universal life where humanity realizes its Oneness with all creation. This new "Cosmic birth, this Kingdom of God within achieved by Jesus Christ, to which we are all heirs as he foretold, is the Principle of the Godhead active in history and can be seen working in and through the Israelite people and speaking through the great Biblical patriarchs and prophets. This principle of the Godhead can be seen moving in and through all the great religions of the world in every age. Buddhists refer to it as "becoming the Bodhisattva" or "becoming the Buddha." The Yoga and Vedanta traditions of Hinduism refer to it as "Self-realization" or "God- realization." Sufism of the Islamic tradition refers to it as "becoming an adept or master on the path," by finding the inner Way. Jewish Kabbalah refers to it as "achieving personal development and Self- realization based on the Tree of Life (Map of consciousness). Primordial people referred to it as "all my relations." In the New Testament, Paul speaks of this as the Mystical Body of Christ. This Body embraces the whole of Creation and is the Body of a true realized and awakened humanity as foretold in the Book of Revelation, the book that closes out the Bible. The world, including Christians, has yet to understand the fullness of Jesus Christ's revelation for humanity. This book is an attempt to understand more fully the meaning and purpose of his revelation for the human race while looking at the revelations of other world religions and sacred teachings. We live in a time when the earth itself and all its creatures are in peril because of humanity's disregard for or lack of understanding of the cosmic laws that govern the universe. The most fundamental question for Christians and people in general today is what happened to the body of Jesus after his crucifixion. Did Jesus die a physical death, or was his physical body transformed into another cosmic state-a state that he declared is the goal for the human race? From The Historical Jesus to the Cosmic Christ A Paradigm Shift of Consciousness


ISBN-10: 1641916699
ISBN-13: W9781641916691
Author: Potter /
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing Inc
Publication date: November 2018
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Dimensions: 229 x 153 x 20 mm
Weight: 504 g Pages: 342 pages
Title: From The Historical Jesus to the Cosmic Christ A Paradigm Shift of Consciousness

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